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How It Started

Knock Knock Angels was founded in California by Vickie Lobo.

Vickie is a survivor.  

Every survivor experiences a moment when all they need is for someone to care enough to lend a helping hand.


After surviving cancer, Vickie's life changed. Her mission became service to her community, and her vision focused on encouraging the community to demonstrate caring and to love thy neighbor.  


It wasn't long before Vickie's heart and steadfast love for the Lord called her to launch Knock Knock Angels to lift up survivors with a fresh start after traumatic events, including domestic violence, homelessness, neglect, and addiction.

Knock Knock Angels extends that helping hand, along with arms of love and caring to survivors when they need it most.

Vickie Lobo, Founder
Knock Knock Angels 


Cathy Torgerson, President
Knock Knock Angels Washington State

Hello Washington

For quite awhile Cathy Torgerson felt God's calling to do something. Something big, something special. And she waited and prayed and waited and prayed until He led her to His exact plan which was expanding Knock Knock Angels to Washington State. 

Cathy is a survivor.

Cathy has endured years of circumstances that would break most people, and all those circumstances did were build her heart and love for people into something that her friends and family will tell you is larger than life. 

She lives to serve. She exemplifies putting others first and genuinely celebrates the others success, which is why her leadership in Knock Knock Angels Washington State will change lives. 

Cathy and her team of volunteers will turn an address into a home and make sure survivors have one less thing to worry about. 

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